QANTAS versus Virgin Australia

Interesting times in the Australian Airlines market.

QANTAS are planning to sack 1,000 of its workers.

Virgin Australia are considering employing them…

This news has led to talks about which Airline is the real supporter of Australia.

QANTAS who want to use more and more offshore employees


Virgin Australia who appear to be wanting to employ more Australian employees.

It makes you wonder about the management of these two companies..

QANTAS is managed by their CEO Alan Joyce, who has included leadership positions in the now-defunct Ansett Australia and the Irish Airline Aer Lingus in his past. Alan Joyce left Aer Lingus in 1996, to come to Australia. He is shown as an Irish-born Australian based businessman.

Virgin Australia is managed by their CEO John Borghetti, who has had 36 years of experience in a wide range of senior roles at Qantas, before leaving them in May 2008. John Borghetti migrated to Australia in 1963.

Some people have commented that Qantas, having a CEO that isn’t even Australian, should no longer be classed as ‘THE’ Australian airline.

I did try to check on the accuracy of that, and found that Alan Joyce’s nationality is shown as Irish at Wikipedia. However, Alan Joyce did become an Australian Citizen in 2002.

I cannot find the nationality of John Borghetti, who was born in Italy, but he did migrate to Australia at the age of 7 and began working for Qantas in 1973 at the age of 17.

Interesting times to come, I think.

A video from 2008 with Interviews including the then Qantas Executive General Manager John Borghetti and Qantas Chief Executive Officer Designate Alan Joyce can be seen at


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