Poverty Level Australia 2014

How little do you have to be receiving to be be considered BELOW the poverty line in Australia..

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for 2012:

To be considered “below the poverty line”, the incomes must be BELOW:

$840.60 per week: Couple with 2 children $43,711 per year
$640.40 per week: Lone parent with 2 children $33,301 per year
$600.40 per week: Couple only $31,221 per year
$400.30 per week: Lone person $20,816 per year

Some statistics

2,548,496 Australians (13.9%) live below the poverty line.  602,604 of these are children.

61.2% of all unemployed are below the poverty line.

33.2% of people below the poverty line came from a household with wages as their main income, and have a total income of under $841 pw ($43,732 per year)

1 in 6 Australian children live under the poverty line, the same level as in Japan.

Source: http://www.acoss.org.au/images/uploads/ACOSS_Poverty_in_Australia_2014.pdf

77.1 - 810,861
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