Population of the United Kingdom by Nationality

Population of the United Kingdom by Percentage of Nationality..

Data for this page is taken from the 2017 Estimates from the Annual Population Survey prepared by the UK Office for National Statistics.

Population of England by Nationality Group

89.82% British
6.20% EU Nationals
3.94% Non-EU Nationals

Population of Wales by Nationality Group

95.59% British
2.56% EU Nationals
1.82% Non-EU Nationals

Population of Scotland by Nationality Group

92.88% British
4.42% EU Nationals
2.67% Non-EU Nationals

Population of Northern Ireland by Nationality Group

93.25% British
4.97% EU Nationals
1.73% Non-EU Nationals

London and Non London by Nationality in England

Population of London by Nationality Group

13.74% EU Nationals
9.99% Non-EU Nationals
76.20% British

Population of England excluding London by Nationality Group

4.75% EU Nationals
2.78% Non-EU Nationals
92.45% British

EU and Non EU Nationals in the UK

EU Nationals as percentages of each UK Countries Population

6.20% England
2.56% Wales
4.42% Scotland
4.97% Northern Ireland (Possibly high due to the Irish in Northern Ireland)

Non-EU Nationals as percentages of each UK Countries Population

3.94% England
1.82% Wales
2.67% Scotland
1.73% Northern Ireland

Source:  www.ons.gov.uk Table 2.1: Population in the United Kingdom, excluding some residents in communal establishments, by nationality. December 2017 data.

201.1 - 839,638
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