Pirate Mother Ship captured by Danish Esbern Snare

A pirate operated mother ship, Prantalay 12,  apparently about 1,200 miles from Somalia, opened fire on the Danish warship Esbern Snare on Thursday 12th May 2011, but after fire was returned by the warship, the end result was 4 dead pirates, 24 captured and 16 hostages rescued.  No injuries sustained by the Danish crew, or the hostages.

I can’t work out why the Somali pirates would have opened fire on this naval vessel.  The outcome would have seemed obvious.

Reading the various news reports though, I see that their are two versions of the event. Did the Pirate ship approach the Naval vessel and open fire, or did the Naval Vessel approach the Pirate ship ?

Report 1:

During patrols along the Somali coast on Thursday 12th May, ESBERN SNARE approached a pirate mother ship. ESBERN SNARE tried to stop the mother ship with warnings, but the pirate mother ship opened fire on ESBERN SNARE who immediately returned fire.

Report 2:

During a patrol along the Somali coast on the morning of Thursday May 12, the Esbern Snare was approached by a pirate mother ship


Esbern Snare

Danish warship Esbern Snare


The Thai Prantalay fishing vessel

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