and Angeles City Philippines

Sydney City, “the entire town — is a brothel, and its support system”..

It would be if we use the same logic as this report, who are jumping on the bandwagon of infuriatingly incorrect information on the Philippines, from the British Daily Mail

Journalist Margaret Simons toured Balibago recently,and wrote: “Angeles City: The entire town – with a population of about 350,000 – is a brothel, and its support system”.

She toured Balibago, (Balibago is an inner-city locality of Angeles City, known as the Red Light district of Angeles City) an area with a population of 50,734 and determined that the ENTIRE Angeles City, with a population of more than 350,000 is a brothel.

She took a walk in the red light area, but never near the Universities, Schools, Medical Centres, Call Centres, etc.  She came with a story idea, and never deviated from the story she wanted, and had decided on before even arriving.

She states that SHE is one of the ONLY western women in Angeles City. Did she visit the Westfields International School in Angeles City, (who provide education for children of more than 30 nationalities around the world), and check the nationalities of these International teachers ?  Probably not as according to her, they are also part of the Brothel problem in Angeles City.  Did she check everywhere in this large City ? No, she just checked the Red Light district, where there are very few white women, and where many Filipino female residents of Angeles City also avoid, but are slandered by Margaret Simons.


Just like Kings Cross, Sydney (Kings Cross is an inner-city locality of Sydney, known as Sydney’s red-light district, and home to organised crime groups.) The City of Sydney therefore, must also, based on Margaret Simons logic, be a brothel.

The part of Angeles City that is really considered the “Entertainment area” is shown below, in the small rectangle:
Angeles City map with Fields Insert included


Sydney is the Australian Hotspot for Crime and Prostitution in Australia, it is an entire brothel.
A reporter visited Kings Cross and determined that Sydney is a massive brothel.

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Margaret Simons said Australian men are looking for underage women. That’s the reason they go. Thats a quote from the story

That may be the case for a minute number of men (not only Australian), but most guys with girls are not with underage girls. The Police that are always visible in Fields avenue would soon stop that.

For her to say “Thats the reason they go.” is total Bullshit.

The new Philippine passport office in Angeles, staffed by brothel workers? (according to the author, as they live in Angeres) issues many passports to Filipino ladies leaving with their new boyfriends, Fiancees and Husbands.
Australian and other countries Immigration offices spend up to 12 months checking each of these relationships before issuing the many valid visas each year.

This story is rubbish. The writer hasnt got a clue

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