New technology helps Queensland Police target speeding drivers

New technology helps Queensland Police target speeding drivers..



New high-tech speed cameras with enhanced capabilities will be used to target speeding drivers across Queensland.

Thirteen digital mobile speed cameras systems will replace some of the existing analogue (film based) cameras currently in use.

The German-manufactured Vitronic Poliscan camera systems operate on scanning LIDAR technology with lasers sweeping the road and precisely measuring the speed of up to six lanes of traffic travelling in opposite directions.

A complete chain of evidence is captured by the cameras, including a high resolution image with details on speed, location, time and vehicle details.

The cameras can be deployed by an operator in a mobile speed camera vehicle or installed in purpose built roadside housing.

Road Policing Command Acting Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said the upgraded technology followed an extensive evaluation process.

“These cameras have proven to be an effective tool in detecting speeding drivers in Western Australia and other jurisdictions around the world,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Keating said.

“They allow officers to deploy cameras at a broad range of speeding hot spots and measure vehicles simultaneously across multiple lanes and in different directions.”

Acting Assistant Commissioner Keating said the devices are part of Queensland’s Speed Management Strategy which aims to make Queensland roads safer through improved compliance to posted speed limits.

“We know by reducing vehicle speeds, the frequency and severity of crashes also reduces,” he said.

“With speeding a contributing factor to around 20 per cent of fatal traffic crashes in Queensland, officers will continue to actively target speeding drivers to reduce trauma on our roads.

The Vitronic Poliscan speed cameras will support existing mobile cameras including the LTI TruCAM digital laser and the Gatso Radar systems.

As at August 19, 2014, 135 people have died in traffic crashes in Queensland this year, which is 46 less than at the same time last year.


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