MTB P150 Motor Torpedo Boat

The P150 Motor Torpedo Boat [MTB] was one of four Perkasa class fast patrol craft built by Vospers for the Royal Malaysian Navy [RMN] in 1967. The design was based on the Danish Søløven-class.


  • Displacement 95 tons, length overall 29.7 m, beam 7.8 m.
  • Wooden hull with aluminium superstructure.
  • Main engines: Three Rolls-Royce (4,250 Hp) Proteus 1270 gas turbine engines.
    • Maximum Speed: 54 knots (62 mph / 100 kmh)
  • Auxiliary engines: Two General Motors V71 marine diesels.
    • Maximum Speed: 10 knots under Diesel power.
  • Armament: Four 53.3 cm torpedoes or 10 mines.
  • Forward Gun: One 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft machine gun.
  • Rear Gun: One 20 mm Oerlikon twin anti-aircraft machine gun.

The four boats delivered to the RMN were:

  • P150 Perkasa (Valiant)
  • P151 Handalan (Reliant)
  • P152 Gempita (Thunderer)
  • P153 Pendekar (Champion)

Model Makers P150

TamiyaUSA produce a 1:72 scale model of the KD Perkasa P150.
Nautical Marine Models (Lancashire, England) produced a 1:32 scale model of the KD Perkasa P150.



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