Midea Washing Machine Error Codes

Midea MT700W Washing Machine Error Codes..

F0 Turn off power, wait 5 minutes, turn on power and start again
F2 EEPROM fail. It needs a Repair
E1 Not enough water pressure. Turn on water tap, or increase water flow.
E2 Draining has not finished correctly. Check drain hose, and clear if required.
E3 Lid not closed. Close lid before Spinning action.
E4 Load out of balance. Move clothes to equalise balance in machine.
F8 Water level sensor failed. It needs repair
HU Power Voltage Protection error

This is the list of Error Codes for the Midea MT700W model washing machine, taken from the official manual at: http://www.midea.com.sg/images/download/MT700W_UserManual.pdf

4,892.1 - 833,270
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