Medion DVD-Hard Drive Recorder MD84100

The Medion DVD-Hard Drive Recorder model number MD84100 was being sold at most ALDI stores.

Medion MD84100 DVD-HDD Recorder
Medion MD84100 DVD-HDD Recorder

This is NOT a digital receiver model, and only receives analogue signals.


  • DVD Recorder with 160GB HDD
  • Built-in 160GB hard drive
  • Multi-format recording – DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW
  • Double layer recording (DVD+R DL)
  • DivX/MP3 compatible
  • Includes 5-in-1 universal remote control so you can control your recorder and 4 additional devices
  • Full HD upscaling with HDMI output
  • USB connection
  • 2 SCART Sockets
  • G-Code
  • AV3 In is on the front panel
  • DV In is on the front panel, for direct digital Camcorder hook up.


To unlock the region code for the Medion MD 84100 DVD/HDD Recorder

Using the remote control:

  1. Press ‘setup’
  2. Scroll down to the ‘padlock’ icon
  3. Press the number zero seven times – and you should then get an onscreen confirmation of the change.


1,351.1 - 822,025
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Hi, after a power cut, my HDD has stopped responding, it says ‘write fail’. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

hi, how do i copy from hard drive to a dvd pls i’m in sydney

Unable to Play or record DVD’s As the DVD is Ejected every time Could you Help.
Where in Melbourne can one get the Recorder Repaired.
Camillus Delilkhan

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