Jobless have ‘no right’ to wait for dream job: Abbott

Unemployed have ‘no right to hold out for dream job’: Tony Abbott (Australian PM ).. May 2014


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared that people on unemployment benefits have “no right” to hold out for their dream job and should take any position they are reasonably able to do.

“If there is a job available you don’t really have the option of failing to accept it if the alternative is life on unemployment benefits,” Mr Abbott said in South Australia on Saturday.

“A condition of receiving unemployment benefits in this country under both Labor and Liberal governments has been that you’ve got to look for work and you’ve got to accept any work that you can reasonably do.”

Under changes announced in the Abbott government’s first budget, people up to 30 years old will have to wait six months for unemployment benefits and then will have to work for the dole. The changes are expected to take effect in 2015.


Some people are saying that Tony Abbott is wrong to say that the unemployed have no right to wait for a dream job….

BUT……  How many employed are actually doing THEIR DREAM JOB ??

Do any of us have a right to wait, and be unemployed, if we can’t get our DREAM JOB ?




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