IPL Technology

The following information is sourced from: http://scarsfix.com/ipl-scar-treatment, and is copied here to facilitate finding relevant information, when looking for information on Skin Rejuvenation Treatments using GP FLASH IPL technology.

Treatable Scar Conditions

IPL is used to treat scars of various sizes, shapes, depths and quantities. Scars yield two undesirable effects in the skin, discoloration and irregular texture. Many patients seek laser treatment to correct acne scars, which can populate the skin surface and create small dents, interrupting the desired consistent and smooth texture. Other scars are residuals to healing wounds, and appear as elevations on the skin surface, while also showing irregular and uneven pigmentation distinct from the surrounding skin. Since IPL is generally used as a resurfacing treatment for the face, patients usually seek treatment for facial scars, but the technology is effective in correcting scars on the backs of the hands, the arms, the shoulders, the back, the chest and sometimes the legs.

How It Works

IPL is a nonsurgical and noninvasive cosmetic skin procedure that requires no anesthesia. Patients choosing to undergo the procedure do not have to free up any downtime to recover. The procedure uses IPL lasers emitted from a lamp-like device. The laser beams are highly concentrated, of high intensity and filled with energy. The beams penetrate through the top layers of the skin down to layers beneath those that contain the unwanted skin cells. IPL technology encompasses different versions of the beams designed to target various skin structures, and the type of technology used depends on the depth of the skin condition. The beams are able to target and destroy the unwanted skin cells without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. New cell generation is stimulated, and as the healthy cells grow and emerge to the skin’s surface, discoloration and textural irregulation begin to vanish. The laser technology works to repair the skin from the inside out.


It is certain that IPL treatment can effectively correct the appearance of scars. One IPL laser treatment will yield visible improvements in the skin’s tone and texture. Acne scars are visibly reduced. For deeper scar conditions, multiple treatments may be required in order to achieve desired results. Textural irregularities require more time and attention than discoloration. Such dramatic skin conditions may require intervals of “healing” time between treatments, during which patients keep applying ointment to the treated area. All results of IPL scar removal are permanent.

Side Effects

IPL enthusiasts of the medical field regard this technology as one of the safest in laser treatment options and with the least risk of side effects. However, even if they are uncommon, undesirable side effects are possible, such as skin irritation in the treated area. The skin can experience redness, itchiness, and sometimes a slight swelling. Also, all patients are warned of increased sun sensitivity after treatment. The treated skin is substantially more prone to damage from UV ray exposure, and patients are strongly urged to apply high-strength sunscreen before spending time outdoors.

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