iPad 3 and its REAL cost

Way back in 2010 the potential costs of the proposed iPad3 were discussed, but never really noticed by most people.

We are not talking about the initial cost to buy it, but its monthly running costs…

Yes, it has the potential for some very high monthly running costs, and if YOU are not aware of this, then you need to read up about it… NOW, before your first bill.

The iPads have an Internet connection, and many people will have a standard wireless plan to allow them to use this facility, and have been happy with this on earlier versions.

Back in March 2011 a typical cost was something like the Telstra prepaid SIM pack including 3GB of data for $30 per month.

So what has changed with this new iPad ?

  • It has a new HD+ screen
  • It has a Retina screen

That meant nothing to me, other than everything will look better, so that’s good, yes?

  • But…. better = more cost.

An average HD iTunes film, at that high definition, could use up all of your 3Gb in one go. That’s $30 for one film. Watch one film per night, and…. (30x$30 = $900) ???

We all know about the people getting mobile phone bills of $1,000, $10,000 per month because they didn’t know how the charges worked.


Do NOT get caught on the wrong plan

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