International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director

I am not going to discuss the personal activities causing the leader of the International Monetary Fund to resign, but I am interested in who should take over that position.

Should it be a Politician, or a business person (non political) ?

Should it be a European, as it always has been, or is to time for someone outside Europe ?

Living in Australia, I can think of two people that I feel may be suitable, one from each of the above categories:

Peter Costello (ex Australian Treasurer) website

David Koch (Kochie the Financial Journalist) website

Obviously you can see, from my choices, that I feel it may be time for someone non-European 😉

I wonder who else would be popular choices?

The current Acting Managing Director: John Lipsky ?

Some say that the following are in line for the position:

  • Christine Lagarde – French Finance Minister
  • Gordon Brown – Former British Prime Minister
  • Kemal Dervis – head of the United Nations Development Programme, and former finance minister of Turkey
  • Stanley Fischer – Central Bank Head Israel
  • Agustin Carstens – Central Bank Head Mexico

South Africa’s finance minister Pravin Gordhan, has led calls for the next head to be from outside Europe, which will break the tradition dating back to 1944 when the IMF was set up to help sort out the after effects of World War 2

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