Many people would like to earn extra money at the moment, and a recently advertised option, on Australian TV, shows a company using the name which directs to a website called

The website states that people can earn A$3,000 in 6 weeks, and that it is a “A+ Better Business Bureau” rated business.

The Business Opportunity presented is an online method of operating an Herbalife International.

The Better Business Bureau ( is a US and Canadian organisation

You can check the BBB rating for Herbalife at:

The typical income that can actually be earned is shown on The Online Business website at:

This webpage quoted:

The annual gross compensation paid by Herbalife to all Leaders during 2010 averaged $2,700.

These leaders included Supervisors on an average of $812 per year, up to the Presidents team on $487,000 per year.

Note that the above $812, or about $16 pw, is the average for the base level Herbalife Supervisors.

They do NOT quote income figures from the majority of their salespeople, as far as I could find, on their website on 29th August 2011.

My guess is that if you want to earn $5 to $15 per week extra, by selling herbalife, then this is a pretty common business, with many people having done it before.

But to make real money from it, ie about $50 per week, you need to have a decent sized team of sellers below you.

The figures on their website, when looked at correctly show:

25% of Distributors reach the rank of Supervisor or above.
31.3% of these, or 7.8% of all distributors earned $812 per year.

Based on that, the remaining 92.2% of all distributors earn LESS than $15 per week.

If you are an average Herbalife Distributor, you may therefore earn up to about $15 per week, but probably less.

However, if you are well suited to this business, you could become one of the World Team leaders at about $100 pw, in the top 1.5% of all distributors.

This brings us back to the quoted “A$3,000 in 6 weeks” or $500 per week.
To be in that income level you need to be in the GET group, one step down from the Millionaire Team. Less than 1 in every 100 reach that GET level.

For some people this can be, and is, a good investment, but look carefully and make sure YOU are the right type of person to make money from this.


Herbalife has about 2.1 million independent Distributors in 74 countries.

$1.96b was paid out in Distributor Allowances (commissions) during 2010, which averages about $937 per year for each of the 2.1 million Herbalife Distributors.



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