Image or File Uploading in Contact Form 7: WordPress

A problem sometimes occurs when using the Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress, and you are wanting an image to be uploaded, but it doesn’t upload anywhere, all you get in the message is the file name of the image or file.

Did you do it right?

You generate the two tags for the image or file:

[file file-144]

You then placed the first code in the FORM section, and the second in the Message Body Section.

But it didn’t work !!

You then scratch your head a few times, have a coffee, and try again, bit still no luck.

At this point, I now know that you are, like me, someone experienced in creating standard forms with Contact Form 7, but this is your first time uploading a file or image.

You ARE NOT a first timer with the plugin. !!

How do I know ?

First timers read the instructions and get it right.  But we don’t bother with the instructions, we think we know how it works.

After creating the codes, it clearly says; to those who read instructions:

First Code: Copy this code and paste it into the form left.
Second Code: And, put this code into the “File Attachments field” below.

It does NOT say: And, put this code into the “message body field below.

Contact Form 7 image upload

Voila… It works 😉

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