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For years I have wondered about temperature and humidity, being told that it feels hotter than it actually is, and the reason is that the humidity is high, and it is therefore actually hotter than the temperature gauge says.

Today I found a “Humidex Calculator“.

You enter the temperature and the humidity reading, and it tells you the Humidex rating, ie: how hot it actually feels.

So… it is 24.6°C at the moment and raining, with about 80% humidity, therefore it says it feels like 32.76°C

I am still puzzled.   If relative humidity is the water-vapour content of the air, and the humidity is higher when it is raining, how can that mean it is hotter ?

If it stops raining now, and the humidity drops to say 50%, the temperature ‘feel’ will also drop to 27°C.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

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