How to replace an Asus eee PC Netbook LCD Screen

The ASUS eeePC netbook is an inexpensive portable computer, but being small it is liable to be sat on, stood on, or banged very easily.  This can, and does, cause a few broken screens.

The cost to repair in a computer store can be close to $200, not far off the actual cost of some of these netbooks ($299 for ours).

So we then look at the DIY option.

There are two important bits to the DIY option:

1: Finding the right screen panel

2: Installing this panel.

Installing the panel is dealt with very comprehensively at: and I will be following that carefully when I work on our one.  They show very good instructions, and excellent photographs of each stage in the procedure.

This then leaves; finding the panel.  I am looking at some of my Chinese contacts in this regard, as I do not like the $110 local price, $250 including fitting).  And as these panels are almost certainly made in China, it makes sense to cut out the middleman where possible.

Books on the ASUS eeePC:

Australia (Priced in March 2011)

  • A$22.74 Using the Asus Eee PC By Bill Lawrence Free Delivery in Australia
  • A$23.20 ASUS Eee PC For Dummies By Joel McNamara Free Delivery in Australia


ASUS Eee PC For Dummies ISBN 9780470411544
March 2011 AUD$21.48 or £13.27

Using the Asus Eee PC ISBN 9780789738103
March 2011 AUD$25.63 or £15.83

United States

The Netbook Computer itself..  

730.1 - 839,647
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