How to get a Smooth Bald Head?

How to get a Smooth Bald Head?

Just cutting all your hair off is not the only step in getting the Bald look.  You also need to take daily steps to keep it looking good and free from hair.

Hair Removal Cream

I have read stories where things have gone wrong with the Hair Removal Creams, (Caustic Chemicals? )and even the packaging tells us to take care, so I would be very concerned about this method, although some say it works well.


I imagine that waxing the head would not be as painful as other areas, so this may be worth trying

The Old Fashioned Shave Method

This method seems to be very popular, and here are general instructions:

The head must be wet, wet enough to allow the pores to open, a 10 minute hot shower may help with this, paying attention to keeping the head wet.

Then apply an exfoliator, and then cover it with a high lather shaving cream
Shaving cream applied the old fashioned way is best, with a brush, not an aerosol.

Shave it carefully with a good razor, or better still, have someone else shave it for you, to avoid missing any spots.

Shave with the grain of your growing hair, at first, not against it, and then finish of with shaving the other way, to get the best result.  Make sure you keep the blade clean during the shave.

Then rinse with cold water to close the pores.

Apply an alcohol-free astringent to help remove dead skin etc.

Finally apply a good moisturiser, preferably one with sunscreen for maximum protection.


Australia: Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shave, 1 razor

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Electric Shavers

My old Philips shaver is no good for the smooth finish, but I have heard that some newer ones may be really good.

 And to end it all:

Do NOT blame me if it goes wrong 😉

Oh… And I just found a forum on Bald Heads…..

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