How to Cure Cancer

Can Cancer be cured ? There are some interesting thoughts on the subject, from natural remedies to the most intrusive of surgery.

But the thoughts I have had recently have been on WHY cancer has seemed to become more common these days.

Is it something to do with modern living ?

I have often wondered about how things have changed over the last 50 years, about our eating habits etc.  And then today, on the local radio I heard someone saying about how they had changed their diet, eating only natural foods, and avoiding all processed food, and how they claim to have stopped the onset of their cancer.  Effectively curing themselves of cancer.

I treat many things with scepticism, and even this claim has me wondering, but then, with my own thoughts on this similar subject, could there actually be logic in this ?

Should we return to fresh food, and cut out all the packaged foods  ?

I doubt I will try it, as I have got too used to all the conveniences of modern day living.  But it does make me wonder… are we killing ourselves ?

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