How to Block Caller ID when Making a Call

If you want to make a call, but don’t want the call recipient to know your number, how do you do it.

One common way that is mentioned on the Internet is to dial *67 and then the number.

The problem with that is … it does not work !!

I saw the question on a forum, and that was given as the answer, so I tried it.  And NO it did NOT work.

Another website says *82 then the number…

Why am I seeing different numbers ?

The answer is simple… each country has different systems and numbers.

There are even some special APPs for mobile phones. I tried one on an Android phone. All it did was add *67 in front of the number when it was used. Perfect for the USA, but no use for anywhere else.

I wish people could specify which countries their products work in, or aren’t the interested outside their own area. They do realise there are more people in the world ?? Or do they ?

The numbers I have found so far for hiding the caller ID when making calls.

Australia is 1831

Denmark is *31*  (This must be common for Europe now)

Germany is *31# or #31#

Greece is *31* or #31# (mobiles)

Japan is 184

New Zealand is 0197 or *67

UK is *141 or *31#

US is *67

Most GSM networks accept #31#



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