How many Refugees are there in the World

What is a refugee, and how many Refugees are there in the world ?

I have read that there are about 45 million, official UN confirmed, refugees in the world in 2009.

When looking at figures like that, it seems the only solution is not take refugees into other countries, but to help to sort out there own country, so it is fit for them to live in safely.

The following graph with Data figures is from the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees)

Top Ten Countries of Resettlement 2007
Top Ten Countries of Resettlement 2007

Although interesting to read the full article, it leaves me confused, especially with the low figure of refugee allocations for the UK of 1,051. I always assumed it was higher.

The Australian figure of 8,422 seems close to the Australian reported figures which showed 13,500 humanitarian places in the 2008/09 financial year. 8,422 places for the 2007 calendar year may therefore be near enough.

1,838.1 - 810,983
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Hope u r fine.I considered this topic and what I am gonna suggest is ,out of those eligible countries for having refugees ,the UN must increase the numbers of refugees in Canada and Australia due to having large area .The point is the huge numbers of refugees from different nationalities are living in a difficult situation without any destiny in second country which they have applied as asylum seeker.Also UN to be requested to discuss to eligible countries to change their categories for refugees.
Thanks and Regards

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