How Long is One Mile

How Long is a Mile?..

There are many different types of miles, and yes, they are mainly measurements, but from different countries.  The following details the UK and US.

Statute Mile

The English statute mile was established in 1593, and is 1,760 yards, 5,280 feet or 1,609.347 metres.
The US statute mile is the same length as the English mile, and is based on the US Survey Mile, which is 5,280 feet.

Survey Mile

The U.S. survey mile is 5,280 survey feet, or about 1,609.347 metres.

Nautical Mile

Originally in the United Kingdom, the nautical mile was defined as 6,080 feet or 1,853.184 metres.
In the United States, the nautical mile was defined in the 19th century as 6,080.2 feet or 1,853.249 metres.
In 1929 the nautical mile was redefined as exactly 1.852 km (about 6,076.11549 feet or 1.1508 statute miles)

Metric Mile

The metric mile is a sports term and is 1,500 metres or 4,921 feet.
In the United States it is 1,600 metres or 5,249 feet.

Welsh Mile

The Welsh mile was 9,000 paces long, and works out at about 3 miles and 1,470 yards long or 6,170 metres. The Welsh mile was discontinued in the 13th century.

Scots Mile

The Scots mile varied in different parts of Scotland but was commonly known as 1,976 Imperial yards, or 5,928 English feet. (1.123 statute miles or 1,814 metres). It was finally abolished in 1824.

Irish mile

The Irish mile was 2,240 yards or 6,720 feet. (about 1.27 statute miles or 2,048 metres).
Used in Ireland until the 19th century.

City of London Mile

The City of London Mile is 1,524 metres. A special length. (

International mile

The International mile is 1,609.344 metres.

Other countries have had mile lengths between 952 metres and 11,299 metres.

eg: A Scandinavian mile, a unit of length in Norway and Sweden, is standardised at 10 kilometres, about 6.2 English miles.

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