How long does it take to send a tweet on twitter ?


A claim by the Australian Greens party states that Election donation laws were broken when a company donated time to the Australian Labor Party, to send “at least seven tweets a day over a 54 day period” and that this had a consequent value of “well more than $17,700“.

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The legal limit for in-kind donations is only $1,000.

By my calculations: 7 tweets per day for 54 days is 378 tweets. And $17,700 divided by 378 is $46.82 per tweet.

If these tweets were valued at $1,000, the maximum donation value allowed, then that works out at $2.64 per tweet.

If we assume the tweeter gets paid $100,000 per year for tweeting, (say $50 per hour) that works out at:

Greens calculation at $46.82 per tweet is 56 minutes per tweet

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Labor calculation at $2.64 per tweet is 3 minutes per tweet

In my opinion I think I would go with Labor on this.

But I could be wrong, does it take almost an hour to do a single tweet ?


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