Health Assessment for Nursing Practice by Wilson and Giddens

Health Assessment for Nursing Practice
By Susan F. Wilson, Jean Foret Giddens

Hardback, 672 pages, 4th Revised edition

ISBN: 032305322X
EAN: 9780323053228

Pricing at Feb 2011

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Table of Contents
I. Foundations for Health Assessment
1. Why Learn Health Assessment?
2. Ethnic Cultural Considerations
3. Interviewing to Obtain a Health History
4. Techniques and Equipment for Physical Assessment
5. General Inspection and Measurement of Vital Signs
6. Pain Assessment
7. Mental Health Assessment
8. Sleep Assessment
9. Nutritional Assessment

II. Health Assessment of the Adult
10. Skin Hair, Nails
11. Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat
12. Lung and Respiratory System
13. Heart and Peripheral Vascular System
14. Abdomen and Gastrointestinal System
15. Musculoskeletal System
16. Neurologic System
17. Breasts and Axillae
18. Reproductive System and the Perineum

III. NEW! Health Assessment Across the Lifespan
19. Developmental Assessment Throughout the Lifespan
20. NEW! Assessment of the Infant and Child
21. Assessment of the Pregnant Client
22. NEW! Assessment of the Older Adult

IV. Putting It All Together
23. Conducting a Head-to-Toe Assessment
24. Documenting the Health Assessment

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