Grocery buying in Puerto Galera, Philippines

Supermarkets in Puerto Galera..

It is often said that Candava Supermarket, New Virgo Grocery, Parkway Supermarket, Castillo Store are the popular supermarkets in Puerto Galera.

Listing of the main Grocery Shopping Options in Puerto Galera:

  • Candava Supermarket, 62 Concepcion Street, Poblacion, Puerto Galera: A good range, prices seem Ok, but the fresh meat was more expensive than on the mainland.
  • Castillo Store, Sabang, Puerto Galera:
  • New Virgo Grocery, Poblacion, Puerto Galera:
  • Nicola Mart, Muelle, Puerto Galera:
  • Parkway Minimart, Muelle, Puerto Galera:
  • Public Market, Poblacion, Puerto Galera

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