Great Firewall of Thailand

Translation of the Original Thai Cabinet Resolution on “The Great Firewall of Thailand”..

An extract from The statement of the Prime Minister on 4 September 2558

Mr. Ampon Kittiampon Cabinet Secretary said that the Cabinet meeting on July 14, 2558, Prime Minister has instructed below.


The Government Administration and others.

1. According to the Cabinet (June 30, 2558), the Ministry of Information and communication with relevant agencies such as the Department of Justice. Royal Thai Police Establishing Single Gateway to serve as a control tool to inappropriate sites and the influx of information from abroad through the Internet. To check the legal requirements. If there is a need for further legislation to speed up the process to be completed without further delay with it. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. And the relevant authorities to expedite the establishment of the Single. Gateway said the Cabinet immediately following.

The above statement of the Prime Minister as a guideline for government effectiveness, so in the process of implementation. The agency must continue to abide by the laws, regulations or resolutions of the Cabinet involved.


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