Facebook and Auto-Play Videos

Auto-Play Videos is now Default on Facebook..

Have you noticed that Videos now seem to be playing, without needed to press play, on Facebook?

This was pointed out to me on my Mobile phone Facebook, and I had no clue why, as it never used to,m and I never want it too.

But I logged on to Facebook on my computer, and saw the big message that Facebook has now decided that we should have it set to Auto-Play Videos. Regardless of what we might have liked.

I then needed to go into settings so I could put it back the way I like, but then I am also so tempted to delete my Facebook account.

One day I will get rid of this invasive Facebook thing that seems to want to control my life.

And while I am on this topic, why does it keep suggesting that I make friends with my ex’s relatives and friends !!! Hell, they even appear on my new girlfriends Facebook as suggestions.

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