Custom Content Shortcode Keeps Crashing Website

Website crashes with just a white screen – Custom Content Shortcode..

I lost one of my sites to the Custom Content Shortcode plugin problem on two occasions now, and others have reported similar problems.

The problem causes the site to lose all content and just show a white screen.  Even the source code is empty with just a single line number showing: 1:

This first happened on 4th May 2015, but I didn’t notice until the 10th May 2015.  My Webhost, “Bluehost” helped me to locate the problem and disabled the Custom Content Shortcode plugin for me,

I then re-installed an upgraded version which allowed my site to work OK, at least for a while.

It went down again on the 11th or 12th May 2015, but I didn’t see this until 20th May 2015.  So 8 days offline, with no visitors.

This time I deleted the plugin and the site is OK again.

The plugin authors advise was: “Please delete the plugin folder and download the latest version.” I effectively did that the first time, by upgrading to the later version. However, this was only a temporary fix as the problem came back.

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