Craigslist and Craigsecure

Two websites, craigslist and craigsecure, but one is not what it appears, do not be decieved.

  • Craigslist is a genuine website for advertisers all over the world, and is very good for a free site.
  • Craigsecure however, will cost you money if you use it, even though it says it won’t.

Craigsecure says that it is a free age verification website, and uses your credit card to confirm your age, although it states that no money will be charged to it.

BUT… read the small print…… The initial charge will be ZERO… BUT… if you do not request immediate cancellation of the service you have just signed up for, your credit card will be charged a monthly fee of about $40.

This is what their website says:

CraigSecure is a free and secure website that makes meeting people through social networks and Craigslist safer and easier.

After the unfortunate murder that took place on Craigslist, CraigSecure received media exposure and became one of the top methods to verify your age and protect women from sexual predators.

It is US law that credit cards are not to be issued to citizens under the legal age of 18, thus we use your credit card to verify your age and check that you are not a registered sexual offender.

As I have said Craigslist is safe in itself, although not sure about some of the advertisers in some sections.

Craigsecure is a scam.

See also:

The current small print says:

To avoid being charged a monthly fee, simply cancel your memberships to before the trial period ends.
If you remain a member beyond the trial period, your membership will renew at $49.81/month respectively, or then applicable rate until cancelled.

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