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Free Medical Treatment in Australia  

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Bulk Billing is basically Free Medical Treatment in Australia

Bulk Billing is available to Australian Citizens and Australian Permanent Residents.

A quick definition of Bulk Billing is where the Doctor charges the Government for your medical care, and you pay nothing.

A standard local GP consultation is now bulk billed in 84.9% of cases, up from 78.3% in 2008-09.



Posted : 07/11/2019 3:03 pm
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Specialist Attendances were bulk billed in 31.5% of cases in 2018-19.
This is up from 26% in 2008-09.


Almost all public hospital costs in Australia are covered by Bulk Billing.

Posted : 07/11/2019 3:06 pm
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Optometry was covered by Bulk Billing in 94.6% of cases in 2018-19.

This is down from 96.9% in 2008-09.

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Posted : 07/11/2019 3:07 pm

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