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Is Australian healthcare better than America’s?  

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Healthcare in Australia v United States.

Some say that the Australian Medical system is better than the United States, others say the US system is better.

Can both groups be right?

If we look at the cost to the patient, then the US system is considered to be much more expensive in general.

We often hear about Americans going into debt to cover their basic medical costs.

From my personal view, the Australian systems is better:

  • On the basis that Healthcare in Australia costs me nothing, and is of good quality, I would say it is better in general.
  • 85.6% of all GP attendances are “bulk billed”, ie: Free to the patient.
  • Public Hospital care is free. There are 698 public hospitals in Australia (1 for every 34,000 people) with another 624 private hospitals. The public system sometimes uses these private hospitals for public patients when waiting lists get too long.
  • Private cover is available to those who wish to avoid waiting lists etc.
  • An annual skin check is free, and so is the full Eye test every three years, or annually if over 65.



Posted : 07/11/2019 9:36 pm

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