Brexit: Voting Reasons

The Main Reasons for the Remain or Leave Votes..

In a ComRes poll after the Vote:

Main Reason for their vote:

Leave Voters main Reason for their vote:

53% Ability of Britain to make its own laws. (Compared to just 2% of Remain Voters)
34% Immigration
3% NHS

Remain Voters main Reason for their vote:

67% The economy (Compared to 3% of Leave Voters)
7% National Security
4% NHS

Second Referendum?

50% Say the existing result should stand and Britain should leave
39% Think a second referendum should be held

62.1 - 831,803
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I am British and I Voted REMAIN

Those that voted LEAVE, mainly the older English people, but also about 30% of the young and 30% of the Muslims and Asians and other Immigrants, have messed up my life…

I now live in Australia, as I chose there due to the better style of life compared to Britain, BUT, I am still British and I still have money invested in the UK for my personal betterment. That has now COST ME THOUSANDS, due to the selfish Leave Voters, who think of no-one but themselves.

My children’s futures are no longer as good as it was. I thought they would be able to live and work in Europe, sometime in the future, if they wished, as I was British. But now those selfish English Voters have taken that away from them too..

Even my UK Pension will go down in value due to the lower Exchange rate when it gets transferred to my new country.

My own family, still stuck living in the UK voted to Leave. How could they? Didn’t they consider me and my family, how much it would hurt us.

What right have they to say that I hurt them by leaving, and moving to another country. That’s no excuse.

And as for those people who say I should have stayed in the UK, as I value it that much, WHY SHOULD I…
I want my cake and I want to eat it too…

There are over a million of us like this and we voted REMAIN. We want the benefits that we thought we had.

Those Leave voters still stuck in the old UK should consider us first !!!

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