Brexit No Deal Exit Almost Guaranteed

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Is No Deal Brexit Definite?..

Some say that a No Deal Brexit is certain, others say the EU will back down at the last minute.

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I doubt that the EU would back down, even if they felt they could.

Why? Because they don’t need to.

The UK will back down first.

That is very clear to the EU leaders.

Reasons Include:

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Shadow attorney general Baroness Chakrabarti said she believed opponents of Mr Johnson had the numbers in Parliament to force through a change in the law to block a no deal.

Tory former chancellor Ken Clarke said he would be willing to vote against the Government in a confidence vote to try to stop a no deal Brexit.

Opposition MPs agree strategy to block no deal. The move could force the PM to ask the EU for a further Brexit delay, beyond the current 31 October deadline.

These things, and more, are enough to give the EU help in not giving in to any UK demands.

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