Booktopia – Australian Online Bookstore

Booktopia is one of Australia’s popular online bookstores, regularly supplying books cheaper than the book shops in shopping centres etc.

A quote from the Booktopia website:

– Australia’s # 1 Online Bookstore. Choose from over 4 million titles all discounted. Flat rate shipping Australia wide.

Booktopia is a 100% Australian-owned online-only retail store selling books, eBooks and DVDs all over the world. Based in Sydney, Australia we offer over 4 million books from our database which have been categorised into a variety of subjects to make it easier for you to browse and shop.

As well as physical books, Booktopia offers Australian readers thousands of eBooks from a wide variety of international and local publishers. Whether you access your eBooks via your computer, tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone, or electronic reading device – online or offline, wherever you go, your eBooks will be there and accessible to you.

If you want to order eBooks as well as physical books and DVDs we’ve made it easy, you can order them all together on the one order.

All of our books are offered at a discount and you can ship as many physical books or DVDs per order as you like to anywhere in Australia for just $6.50 per order. We also welcome and cater for international customers to ship books all over the world.

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Booktopia’s customer service is appalling. I bought a university book on their ebay site. About one week later I tried asking them about the book’s delivery date and they failed to respond more than once. Their prices are good but I I would not recommend this store.

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