Battleships of the World

The first use of Battleship was in the late 1700’s although prior to this they would have been know as a line-of-battle ship. With the earlier naval battles normally won by the heaviest ships carrying the most powerful guns, the line-of-battle ship (Battleship) would have been the biggest and most powerful ship that a country could have.

Imperial Japanese Navy Battleships 1941-45 (New Vanguard S.)Imperial Japanese Navy Battleships 1941-45..

The Imperial Japanese Navy of World War 2 surpassed the Allied and Axis fleets in innovation and technology. This title covers the 12 Japanese battleships that saw service between 1941-45. Each class is considered in turn in light of its design and construction, its armament and wartime modifications. The author, Mark Stille, also uses first-hand accounts and dramatic photographs to tell the story of these mighty battleships at war, including major engagements during the raid at Pearl Harbor and the battle of Midway. He also examines the wider context of Japanese battleship development by looking at the naval strategy and cult of the battleship. This title will fascinate any naval enthusiast, and the detailed color plates will make it essential for modelers of the period.

Imperial Japanese Navy Battleships 1941-45 (New Vanguard S.) A$15.47 (16/10/11)
Yamato Class Battleships (ShipCraft)

Yamato Class Battleships (ShipCraft)..

The Yamato Class Battleships (Yamato and Musashi) were the largest, the heaviest armed and armoured of all warships of Word War II.


Yamato Class Battleships (ShipCraft) A$18.63 Free shipping Australia wide

The Battleship Yamato : Anatomy of a Ship : 9780870210198The Battleship Yamato..

by Janusz Skulski

The battleship Yamato was a tremendous achievement for the Imperial Japanese Navy. With the greatest displacement, biggest guns and heaviest armour of all time, Yamato and her sister Musashi were the ultimate battleships. Everything about them was gigantic – for example each main-armament turret had a total revolving weight of over 2500 tons – and they proved dangerous opponents to the US Pacific Fleet. Fittingly for such a subject as Yamato, this contribution to the ‘Anatomy’ series has twice as many drawings as a standard volume. The ‘Anatomy of the Ship’ series aims to provide the finest documentation of individual ships and ship types ever published. What makes the series unique is a complete set of superbly executed line drawings, both the conventional type of plan as well as explanatory views, with fully descriptive keys. These are supported by technical details and a record of the ship’s service history.

The Battleship “Yamato” (Anatomy of the Ship S.) A$38.82 Free shipping Australia wide

Anatomy of a Ship: The Battleship Yamato Hardback A$46.68 Free shipping Australia wide

Battleship "Musashi": The Making and Sinking of the World's Biggest BattleshipBattleship “Musashi”: The Making and Sinking of the World’s Biggest Battleship..

Admiral lsoroku Yamamoto, the man who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor, said that the three great follies of the world were the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, and the battleship Musashi. Yamamoto understood that sheer size and firepower would not be decisive factors in the battle for naval supremacy in the Pacific.
The Musashi was massive-upright it would have approached the size of the Chrysler Building. Outfitted with eighteen-inch armor plating and nine eighteen-inch guns, the largest ever mounted on a warship, the Musashi was considered by its creators to be invincible and unsinkable. Yet during its two years of active duty with the Combined Fleet, it never fired a single shot against another ship. It was sunk, as Yamamoto had predicted, by torpedoes and bombs.

Battleship “Musashi”: The Making and Sinking of the World’s Biggest Battleship A$14.67 Free shipping Australia wide

Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships (ShipCraft)Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships..

By Les Brown

The five Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships were the Queen Elizabeth,
Warspite, Malaya, Valiant and Barham.

Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships (ShipCraft) A$34.64 Free shipping Australia wide

Conway's Battleships: The Definitive Visual Reference to the World's All-Big-Gun Ships : 9781591141327Conway’s Battleships..

The Definitive Visual Reference to the World’s All-Big-Gun Ships
By Ian Sturton

For two generations, battleships represented the military might and pride of their respective countries. They threatened, they impressed, they surprised in a way that no other symbol could, and their presence influenced events for hundreds of miles around. Since today’s capital ships are solely platforms for missiles or aircraft, battleships will never be built again. This volume preserves the technical data, design background, and career histories of all the world’s battleships and battle cruisers. Organized by nation, type, and class, each battleship is described in detail and illustrated with plans and historic photographs.

Conway’s Battleships: The Definitive Visual Reference to the World’s All-Big-Gun Ships A$62.08 Free shipping Australia wide

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