Australia’s Best Selling Beer

The Queensland XXXX Gold became Australia’s Best Selling Beer in April 2012 taking over the top selling beer spot from VB.

Latest Market Share figures:

April 2012

  • 12.4% XXXX Gold
  • 12.3% VB
  • 9.3% Carlton Draught
  • 7.1% Toohey’s New
  • 4.4% Tooheys Extra Dry
  • 3.8% Carlton Mid

April 2011

  • 13.7% VB
  • 11.7% XXXX GOLD

XXXX GOLD was first brewed in 1924 by Castlemaine Perkins, a brewery now located in Milton, Brisbane, although now owned by the Lion Nathan company (since 1992) which in turn has been fully owned by the Japanese Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd, since 2009.

41.1 - 822,604
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