Astrology: Leo and Scorpio

I am a Leo, and wonder sometimes about relationships, and how accurate some of these Astrology matches actually are. I checked one the other day, and realised that maybe I should have checked it BEFORE I got married 🙂

So I am now going to check the other eleven, and I shall start with:

The Scorpio Female with the Leo Male

Copied from: (read that for the FULL details)

Leo: July 23rd to August 22nd
Scorpio: October 23rd to November 21st

Leo and Scorpio association is one of the difficult ones, which means that though each of them is quite loyal, they both are possibly very stubborn as well. Both of them hold on to relationship, so it is quite likely that their togetherness lasts long. However, neither of them is particularly flexible, and both of them are quite proud.

That is a bit scary, but I suppose if it is known in advance it can be worked out.

Leo man’s initial attraction for Scorpio woman is in her peaceful gaze and magnetic attraction. He finds himself getting lost in her eyes and can’t help himself from falling for her. To find a common dream and pursue it together creates a passion from within and a power to make that dream a reality. She does not divulge her feelings rather she keeps them deep within. She is a confident woman but doesn’t do the best job at portraying this self confidence. She is not a very forgiving woman but she is an extraordinary woman with feelings that are very true and run as deep as the deep blue sea. Her anger and bitterness towards Leo man increases with his display of arrogance and pride, but she could stop this quickly if she only swallows her pride and pay the Leo man a compliment or two.

Ah, yes, that peaceful gaze and magnetic attraction, that explains a lot.

Both are extremely loyal individuals as well as possessive of each other, but with Scorpio woman’s jealous streak and Leo man’s arrogance coupled with his need for adoration by others, this relationship does not go without some work and effort on both sides. If problems arise and the gap is so wide between them, it will have to be Scorpio woman who steps up to throw the first rope over the gap to pull it closed. Leo man’s pride will not let him do so for fear of having to take it back and apologize even though he tends to regretfully crave reconciliation between them. They can learn to understand each others needs and compromise a bit they can create and strengthen a powerful bond between them.

That last sentence sounds VERY Important…

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I like how you researched about these topics. You made me smile and I think I know someone who is also a leo sign (wink wink). The topic is really helpful, though it shouldnt be the only basis to make each relationship work out, it should serve at least as a guide coz in most cases the theories they have researched on individual traits of different signs are mostly true. I for one as a scorpio must say, most of whats described are true. Its a matter of how the negative traits be turned to positive or be modified for a better relationship.

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