Aid to Papua New Guinea from Australia

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Australia is the main Aid provider to its closest neighbour Papua New Guinea, and has been for many years.

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Some of the key results that have been obtained from this Aid program are:

  • Essential medical supplies to more than 2,000 of PNG’s functional hospitals, health centres and aid posts.
  • Reducing the mortality rate for TB from 25 per cent to just 5 per cent in the year leading up to September 2012.
  • The abolition of school fees for the first three grades of school
  • Delivering 1.6 million textbooks to 3,500 schools across the country
  • Improved police and prosecutor support to victims of sexual violence, with 19,100 victims accessed specialist police support through eight police Family and Sexual Violence Units, over the past three years.
  • Assisting the Government of PNG to maintain more than 2000 kilometres of the national highway.

Funding for Papua New Guinea has been:

Year and Total Funding value:

  • 2001–02: $327,951,756
  • 2002–03: $331,492,214
  • 2003–04: $321,319,200
  • 2004–05: $349,726,554
  • 2005–06: $318,985,005
  • 2006–07: $340,635,797
  • 2007–08: $375,806,769
  • 2008–09: $392,025,916
  • 2009–10: $446,332,867
  • 2010–11: $433,202,793
  • 2011–12: $493,473,746
  • 2012–13: $500,677,762 Estimated
  • 2013–14: $507,203,127 Budget

Full details of the Aid programs to Papua New Guinea can be seen at:

Flag Papua New GuineaThe capital of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby, and the country was governed by Australia from 1904 until 1975 when it gained its independence.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the reigning Queen of Papua New Guinea, which is a Commonwealth realm.

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The population in 2011 was 7,059,653

Location of Papua New Guinea

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19.1 - 588,240
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