A B C in Harmony by Kim Teresa Oshiro

A B C in Harmony by Kim Teresa OshiroA B C in Harmony

By Kim Teresa Oshiro

ABC in Harmony opens a door and walks you along a new road where the alphabet has not yet traveled…

With lyrical words and poetic rhymes, the ABC’s are used as a vehicle to deliver manners, morals and positive messages to children around the world.

The wellspring of love in this book will refresh the soul of every child and nourish their life’s journey.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Published: 06 April 2011
Format: Paperback 36 pages
ISBN 13: 9781426961649
ISBN 10: 1426961642

Priced at July 2011


United Kingdom

United States

181.1 - 839,992
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I picked A B C in Harmony up for my daughter, and she was swooning with the rhymes and pictures… The positive and beautiful messages are fueling her imagination and she seems to enjoy the rhythm of the words. Very unique alphabet book.

This is not an everyday ABC book. It is a vibrant mix of personal and environmental stewardship without being wordy or preaching. Engaging children with fun and unique rhymes, such as: Ripple.. Rainbow.. Race-
“You have a special space.” ABC in Harmony would be an asset to any preschool, primary, or ESL classroom and excellent for anyone with young children~ parent, teacher, or caregiver.

I wish I had this book when my kids were learning the alphabet. The author gently flows through the ABC’s with illustrations that keep the little audience captive and rhyming words that inspire thought and emotion. I get to share this book with my nieces now and they love hearing it over and over again!

Awesome A B C Book!!
I shared this ABC Book with my Grade 1/2 split class and they loved it. I have quite a few behaviour students in my class and I found the book had a calming effect on the class. They wanted to hear the book over and over again. The students reading in my class were anxious to sit down and read it themselves. It is a very well written ABC book with wonderful rhymes and also delivers positive messages to children. The illustrations are awesome too!!

This is an amazing book. I read this book to my grandchildren, and they are mesmerized by it. They have learned the alphabet, from this book. The really great thing about it, is the stories that go with each letter. Every letter, a gentle and sweet life lesson. I wish that I would have had this book when my children were small, as I know they would have loved it, and it would have been such a pleasure to read to them. So unlike the boring, repetitive form of most ABC Books. Kudos to the author and I am looking forward to your next book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has little ones in their life!

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