44 Charles Street by Danielle Steele

44 Charles Street [Paperback]44 Charles Street

by Danielle Steele

44 Charles Street presents some of the real issues of today’s ever changing world, where life is not quite as simple as it was many years ago.
We all take on more responsibilities now than men and women used to, and there is a lot more to juggle in modern life.
The main female character is faced with trying not to lose her house or business after a break-up with a long-term live-in boyfriend, and trying to untangle their commingled financial interests.
Once apart, the responsibility of keeping it all together, both her art gallery and her home, falls entirely on her. To try and make ends meet and not lose her house, she decides to take in 3 roommates, and the fun begins. A fresh faced freckled recent college graduate is the first to sign up, a sweet young girl, who immerses herself in internet dating, sometimes to a frightening degree. The second is a somewhat mysterious divorced man, recovering from a bad divorce, with an irresistible seven-year-old son. And one by one the mysterious circumstances in his life are revealed. The third resident is a famous, recently widowed female chef, who loves the other residents of the house, uses them as a testing lab for her fabulous gourmet meals, and unexpectedly finds love with a well-known French chef. The ages in the book span from 22 to 60, their previous life histories are as varied. Each one has their private challenges.
It’s a book that touches on some very contemporary themes.

Author: Danielle Steele
Published: 01 March 2011
Paperback 336 pages
ISBN 13: 9780593063057
ISBN 10: 0593063058

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