WorldVentures, DreamTrips, etc. Is it a Scam or Pyramid?

Dream Trips and WorldVentures, how safe are they?..

DreamTrips, a part of WorldVentures, is a holiday company that charges you a registration fee and a monthly fee to take advantage of their holiday plans, and earn money by getting other members to join.

After being on a forum that was spammed by someone pushing this company, using there affiliate links, (until they got banned), I decided to investigate it a bit further.

I looked up more info on your WorldVentures company, and noticed that the company primarily pushes how much you can earn by joining and getting more people to join.  Not much on the holidays they sell.

I noticed that the member rank DR can earn $10,000 per month by getting just 140 new members and NO minimum sales requirements.  ie: Good income from just getting new members without any sales ?

I also read that an ex member said: “the real money was in becoming an associate and recruiting others to join the program.”

So: Worldventures: Scam, Pyramid or multi-level marketing (MLM)

WorldVentures is basically a multi-level marketing (MLM) network.

WorldVentures is not a pure Pyramid Scheme, as it does actually sell a product, but using a pyramid of sellers, who each have to pay a membership and monthly fee.

WorldVentures a Scam?  That depends on your definition of Scam.  If you read everything carefully and use that information wisely, then it is not a scam. But, if you just get taken in by some sales promises etc, you may well feel it is a scam.

Norway: 28 November 2014 WorldVentures has lost their appeal of a decision by the Norwegian Gaming Board that said they were a pyramid scheme. WorldVentures is now judged to be a pyramid scheme in Norway. A central question in the case was whether more than 50 percent of revenues in the business came from the recruitment of new members.–dette-er-et-pyramidespill/8514999.html

Cyprus: Worldventures were fined in 2013, under the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, and the news articles revealed that investigations showed: according to the company’s latest Annual Income Disclosure Statement for the USA, only 0.582 percent of representatives in the United States have actually reached such a rank. However, the article also said “WorldVentures is transparent about the fact that only 23.6 percent of recruits are “successful”

WorldVenture CostsHow much do you pay to Join WorldVentures?

Gold WorldVentures Membership
$199.99 initial membership fee, plus $54.99 per month membership fee.

Platinum WorldVentures Membership
$299.99 initial membership fee, plus $99.99 per month membership fee.

This membership, and monthly fee, provides an income to those higher up the pyramid even if nothing is sold.

But only 1 member out of every 200 receive these Incomes, according to the Cyprus information above. If correct, the other 199 are paying the income for that one.

Why the word Pyramid, when WorldVentures say they are not a Pyramid Scheme.

This picture from WorldVentures showing their scheme as a Pyramid picture.

WorldVenture Pyramid


Its a picture of a Pyramid.

How much can a person earn in WorldVentures?

The sky is the limit, and even using one of WorldVentures images, we see that even without selling anything, a member with rank DR can earn $10,000 per month by getting just 140 new members and NO minimum sales requirements.

WorldVenture Ranks first 2

How is that done ?

140 new members each pay $199.99 joining fee plus $54.99 per month.
That’s $27,998.60 in joining fees of which your share is $10,000 in that month.

WorldVentures also get $7,698.60 per month for those 140 members. Maybe the DR rank member gets a share in that too.

And for that Income there is NO minimum sales target.

Incomes higher than that do need a minimum sales target too.

A $4,000 per month,sales target, with 400 members, can earn you $25,000 per month.


WorldVentures, WorldVentures Foundation, DreamTrips and each of their logos are trademarks of WorldVentures Holdings, LLC.

Some links for those wishing to find out more. (But, if you do join, and regret it later, don’t blame me [Actually if you want to just throw your money away, try here:  LINK)

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