World’s top ten places to live

An article in The Telegraph has details on the World’s top ten places to live, with some property prices.

I have extracted just the property price information from the article, for those ten places:

Hong Kong

£5-6,000 for a reasonable place to rent per month. If you’re buying, it is £800,000 for an apartment on a lower floor, and about £1.25 million for a higher floor

New York City

Christie’s International Real Estate quotes the average price of a Manhattan apartment as £900,000.

North Island, New Zealand

Expect to pay £200,000 for a simple, three-bedroom beachside house in Whakatane, or £500,000 for a designer ocean-front property of the same size

The Turks and Caicos Islands

Prices start at £650,000, rising to £30 million

Tasmania, Australia

A historic mansion will set you back £4 million or more, but for £400,000, you can buy a large, river or ocean-side property, with a couple of acres.

Maui, Hawaii

two-bedroom, cedarwood cottage, surrounded by lush vegetation. £430,000

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A two-bedroom flat, £140,000


An inland one-bedroom apartment starts at around £128,000, while a three-bedroom home on the Royal Westmoreland Golf Estate starts at £760,000

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

An ocean-front condominium can cost from £220,000 to £310,000

Cape Town, South Africa

Mediterranean-style, three-bedroom home, just100 yards from the ocean. £392,500

63.1 - 810,965
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