Where did English originate?

Where did English originate?

Language Changes over Time.

A Germanic tribe, called the Angles, invaded Britain in about the 5th century.

They were not able to conquer the areas of Wales and Scotland, but eventually the areas they held were called Angleland, where the invaders spoke their own language, Anglish, which became the new language, albeit with a few more changes over time.

One example being the changing of the A to E, with Anglish becoming English, and Angleland (Angland)
becoming England.

Hence: The English language became the language of the English people.

Many of the original inhabitants, of the area conquered by the Angles, were driven out to Wales or Scotland, where they continued to speak their old Celtic languages.

The main languages of the British Isles are:

  • English (from the Angles)
  • Scottish (Celtic)
  • Welsh (Celtic)
  • Irish (Celtic)


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