What is a Gastroscopy ?

Endoscope Capsule

What is a Gastroscopy ?

A Gastroscopy, often also called an endoscopy, is an examination of the upper digestive tract (the Oesophagus, Stomach and Duodenum) using a tiny camera normally on the end of a long flexible tube (an Endoscope) inserted down your throat, so the doctor can see exactly what is down there.

Endoscope Flexible
How much does a Gastroscopy cost ?

An example of some possible charges are shown here from the 2011/2012 year in Australia, for patients using the HCF medical insurance. Note that Medicare pays a portion of some of these costs, when done privately, but cover 100% of the cost when done through the public hospital system. The waiting lists can be very long for this though.

Gastroscopy Charges 2011-12 Australia

What is in the future for this method ?

You will swallow one of these, then, later in the day, once it has travelled through your system, and come out again (naturally), the doctor can download the video and check your insides.
Endoscope Capsule

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