Was President Zelensky a Draft Dodger?

Zelensky didn’t do Compulsory Service.

Some headlines have mentioned that Zelensky was a draft dodger in the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Zelensky was born on 25 January 1978, and he was 36 years old in 2014.

The draft imposed in 2014 was limited to physically able men 18 or older and under 25.

The decree says: “Ukrainian male citizens who are physically qualified for military service, over 18 years old and older, but who have not reached the age of 25, and who have no right for exemption from military service” will be conscripted. nbcnews.com/…/ukraine-enacts-compulsory-military-draft

Zelensky was 11 years older than the maximum age limit to be drafted, in 2014.

He was not a draft dodger.

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