Wages 1999-2008 Australia

These changes in Australian wages, between 1999 and 2008, have been looked at to compare against the changes in Food prices shown at this article: www.britzinoz.com/uk-australia/comparisons/food-price-comparison-uk-aus

Average Weekly Earnings, Australia (Dollars) – Seasonally Adjusted

$912.00 pw November 2008  –  All Persons,  Total earnings.

$602.90 pw November 1999  –  All Persons,  Total earnings.


  • Australian Bureau of Statistics: 6302.0 Average Weekly Earnings, Australia. Table 2. Average Weekly Earnings, Australia (Dollars) – Seasonally Adjusted

Therefore Australian wages went up by 51.3% during this period.

Federal Minimum Wage figures for 1999 and 2008 as set down by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

1999 $385.40 per week

2008 $543.78 per week

This equals a 41.1% increase in the federal Minimum wage during this period.

358.1 - 651,809
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