UK Petrol Crisis 2021

What happened with the UK fuel crisis?

According to the BBC, the crisis began more than 10 days ago when BP said it had run out of petrol in a number of its outlets.

That prompted motorists to fill up more than usual, leaving deliveries unable to keep up with demand.

On the 23rd September 2021 BP said that “a handful” of their 1,200 sites were affected by the fuel supply issues.

This led to reports such as “BP closes some sites due to lorry driver shortage”.

Drivers across the UK quickly filled their tanks, exacerbating the shortage.

The forecourt firm EG Group imposed a £30 cap on fuel purchases at its 389 fuel stations on 24th September 2021.

On the 27th September 2021, after days of long queues at stations, with many running dry, the Army is put on standby to help deliver fuel to stations hit by shortages.

After a short training period, about 65 Army drivers began delivering on 4th October 2021.

UK Fuel Crisis 4th October 2021.

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) said there had been a “marked improvement” across most of the UK, with only 8% of sites now being dry.

The South East still has issues with 20% of forecourts still being dry.

The forecourt firm EG Group removed its £30 cap on fuel purchases.

How to avoid this in the future?

Truck drivers must be paid decent wages, and delivery firms must not rely on cheap European labour to undercut British workers.

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