UK House Price Changes 2009 to 2012

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The BBC has a great UK House Price section, and I came across an image that I took back in 2009, for Greater London property prices, and just added the latest one for 2012 that they have.

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I have added the two together for comparison here…

UK House Prices 2009-2012

This shows a change from £370,571 to £461,018 or 24.4% in just under 3 years, for the average property.

  • Detached houses went up by 19.6%
  • Semi Detached by 19.7%
  • Terraced Houses by 31.2%
  • Flats by 22.5%

This shows that the cheaper end of the property market has grown in value substantially more than the upper end, especially the terraced housing.


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The overall UK average house prices are currently shown at £249,958, with the property type segments broken down as:

September 2012

  • £343,105 Detached
  • £209,098 Semi-detached
  • £209,808 Terrace
  • £245,533 Flat

However, when broken down into the different parts of the UK, we do see a very large difference, eg:

Average house price in Northern England was: £147,054 (Merseyside – £147,193, Greater Manchester – £155,109, Sunderland – £124,362)

  • Detached £237,610
  • Semi-detached £138,452
  • Terrace £112,928
  • Flat £105,915

Average house price in South East England was: £291,569

  • Detached £462,895
  • Semi-detached £261,897
  • Terrace £217,032
  • Flat £170,211

29.1 - 578,538

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