The Sigma Protocol By Robert Ludlum

The Sigma ProtocolThe Sigma Protocol

By Robert Ludlum

Ben Hartman is on holiday in Switzerland when he meets a childhood friend – who promptly tries to kill him. In self-defence, Ben kills his attacker, but soon the body and all evidence of the confrontation have disappeared. Anna Navarro, a US government agent, is sent to look into a string of deaths around the world. The only thing the victims have in common is an old OSS file, codenamed SIGMA. But as soon as she starts to get somewhere, she is dragged off the case and declared rogue. Someone wants this secret kept, and not only the future of Hartman and Navarro is at stake, but that of the world…

Priced at January 2013


A$ 12.65


GBP £ 7.99   (A$ 12.22 )

GBP £ 5.93 (A$9.07) as ISBN: 9780312943585


42.1 - 822,213
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