The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth By Kaz Cooke

The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth By Kaz CookeThe Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

by Kaz Cooke

The best-selling “Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth” gives you the up-to-date lowdown on pregnancy, birth and coping when you first get home.
This is a week by week guide to what’s happening to you and the baby, from choosing where to give birth, coping with nausea and understanding the tests you will need, to breastfeeding for the first time and adapting to life with a newborn. Kaz Cooke offers no bossy-boots rules, just the sanest, wittiest advice you’ll ever get, plus lots of cartoons.

This fully updated third edition includes news sections on Getting Ready: advice on trying for a baby and Fertility troubles and assisted conception: what might be causing fertility troubles and what you can do about it, plus the process of IVF or other assisted conception if it’s needed.
You’ll find expanded sections on genetic problems, the caesarean debate, how to care for premature babies, choosing the right nappies for you plus information especially for partners from boosting their fertility to what they should do during labour.

“The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth” has everything you will need to know about the scary parts, the funny parts and your private parts.

  • Publisher: Rough Guides Ltd
  • Published: 01 April 2010
  • Format: Paperback 496 pages
  • ISBN 13: 9781848365599
  • ISBN 10: 1848365594


Priced at 15th October 2011




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